The most exciting game to be released shortly in Android

Video gaming is the one of the best entertainment these days. Video games have become the ideal choice for many people of different age group to pass their time. Kids, teens, youngsters play video games more and even adults get interested in it.  Video games played using gaming consoles are played in home whereas the video games played in mobile can be played anywhere. Many people during their travel time to office or to any other place and while returning to home, play video games in their mobile and smart devices.

Brawl stars

Different genres of games are there and people choose different games from different genre so that they can have exciting gaming experience. The main intention of playing video games is to have exciting time in the free time. The genres such as adventure, racing and motor, strategic and sports are quite famous among the gamers. The one of the best game in the strategic real time video games is Hack Brawl stars. This game is developed and released by the famous video game developer called Supercell.

Release of the game

This game has had its official release for iOS platform last week and yet to be released in the android platform. Android is the one of the best and most preferred smart phone platform hence the android users are waiting for the release of this game. Initially Supercell has released its announcement about the release of the game via YouTube. This game is well received in iOS platform as most of the video gamers like the game play. Since it is from Supercell the game is well received among the gamers.


The game play is most important aspect in any game because it is the course of the game. This game has interesting game play that is why the game has got wide reach among the gamers. It is quite usual for the gamers to choose the games with interesting game play and to avoid the game that has poor game play. 

Brawlers and Elixir

Speaking of the game play, the player has to collect the brawlers and use each brawler in the game. It is like clash royale cards game as the players have the choice to choose the brawlers. The brawlers available in the game are categorized as Rare, Common, Legendary and Epic. The players have to collect brawlers from total 15 brawlers and 2 legendaries are there in the game. In order to collect the brawlers, players have to open the brawler boxes. Sometimes player would find elixir in the brawl box. The elixir is used to upgrade the brawlers so it is beneficial to find Elixir.

The game modes of brawl stars are:

·         Bounty

·         Smash & Grab

·         Heist

·         Showdown

Brawl stars are a game that is played as 3×3 and it is death match game that the players have to kill the opponent team. Each team will have 3 players and more the player kills the more the bounty will be for the player.