Langirsser game – play 300 classical levels and legendary sword quest


The game named Langrisser is launched by Zlongameand it is battle game also. Langrisser is come with geographic effects, better experience, eccentric class trees and class extinction. There is most attractive appearance of this game such as – memorial score by original series producer Noriyuki Iwadare, Japanese art style and top voice casting, all merge to generate monumental vision world. The player of the game can also use Langrisser Hack and can unlock many characters of the game.

Langrisser features

  • The battles game of Langrisser battles has many unique and awesome features for the player that player cannot leave his phone and stick to the game for hours and hours. There are:
    • The epic storyline of the game is worth enjoying.
    • The game offers overwhelming concept to have battles.
    • Player experiences more than 300 classic levels of the game.
    • PVP mode of the game has just original which provides full enjoyment to the player.
    • Composer of the game Noriyuki Iwadare awards the player with original score.
    • There is classical background music lures the player’s attention.
    • Player has the option to customize the characters of the game.

Heroes of the game

There are many legends of the game which can be chosen by the player to play and have fight with the enemies. These heroes are Lana, Cherie, Elwin, Altemuller, Berhardt and the list goes to no end. These heroes can be selected by the player to play and change at any time in the game.

Class preference

The game of Langrisser caters to the player with Langrisser Hack tool and the choice of Class of the game and it has 10 main Classes Demon, Healer, Flier, Sailor, Archer, Cavalry, Lancer, Infantry, Mage and Assassin.