Heroes from The World OF Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


With myriads of characters trailing over the scenery of the Cheats for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this game provides one of the best in game experience in the genre of MOBA style games. This character is the main pillar of the game that helps in making the game so exciting and addictive – in a single word the success of the game.

Heroes – who are they?

The characters in the world of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are described as “HEROES”. These heroes are the central gaming character.

Mobile Legends provides a wonderful roster of characters to choose from. In the beginning, the player is provided with a free bunch of point to choose from a free set of heroes.

The heroes can get their specific skin and that can be purchased from the shop in the main menu either by utilizing diamonds or through the lucky spin.

Choose from the diversity of Heroes

Till date, Moonton had already made 54 heroes available to the game database. All these 54 heroes basically come under a particular set of categories and they are broadly classified into 5 following categories:








Someone needs to absorb the high heat…then call the TANKS. With high hit points and heavy shield, these characters are some real beasts in the game. They are generally forerunner in the battle who used to encounter early perils and swipe them off to ensure victory.

There are 11 tank characters available in the world of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. These provide enough freedom to choose a character suitable for the player.

They are as follows:

v  Balmond

v  Akai

v  Tigreal

v  Minotaur

v  Lolita

v  Hilda

v  Johnson

v  Franco

v  Grock

v  Gatotkaca

v  Hylos


With a perfect blend of all the qualities, they are neither so heavy like the tanks nor they are capable of creating as much damage as the assassins. These are the ones that have mastered all tactics in the close range and poses an ideal mix of both offensive and defensive characteristics.

At the time of writing this article, there are 14 different characters available in the section of fighters. They are as follows:

•Balmond                             •Alucard                               •Bane

•Zilong                                  •Freya                                   •Chou

•Sun                                       •Alpha                                   •Ruby

•Hilda                                    •Lapu-Lapu                          •Roger

•Argus                                   •Jawhead                             •Pose


The champions on the map who are specialized in the assassination of any perils or roaming targets found on their way.

Currently, there are 10 heroes from the category of Assassin available.

v   Lapu-Lapu

v   Hayabusa

v   Fanny

v   Lesley

v   Lancelot

v   Natalia

v   Karina

v   Helcurt

v   Saber

v   Alucard


Generally, the word mage is particularly used as a short form for “magician” in the field of MOBA. These are highly powerful magical and spiritual characters that have serious strength in their wide range of abilities though they lack quality in their basic attack feature.

Poses good crowd control ability and often in team battles they are made priority targets.

There are 13 Mage avatars available in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They go as follows:

Ø  Alice

Ø  Nana

Ø  Karina

Ø  Eudora

Ø  Gord

Ø  Kagura

Ø  Cyclops

Ø  Aurora

Ø  Vexana

Ø  Harley

Ø  Odette

Ø  Zhask

Ø  Pharsa


These characters are generally favored to have a role combined with any other hero or assisting someone on the top or down lane

There are 10 Marksman currently available.

v  Miya

v  Bruno

v  Clint

v  Layla

v  Yi Sun-Shin

v  Moskov

v  Roger

v  Karrie

v  Irithel

v  Lesley


As the name suggests these are made for supporting the others in the team. Generally used in healing a wounded character or else wise in absorbing some damage so that others would survive the attack.

Moreover, they also sacrifice their lives for other teammates especially for the marksman to sustain the battle.

There are 7 support characters available to choose from,

v  Nana

v  Rafaela

v  Minotaur

v  Lolita

v  Estes

v  Diggie

v  Angela

Of these 7 avatars only two of them namely Rafaela and Estes are considered as true support characters because of their craft of presence, sticking to the allies and good support build.