Darkness Rises- Important tips for Beginners

Everyone likes to play the game. So today I will tell you the best role-play game Darkness Rises. Most popular studio NEXON Company develops it.  Many classes are available in it. You can create own character. So many features are available like customizing players, face your enemies, and many other features are available. It is installing by 1,000,000 people in the whole world. The quests are a most important way to earn currencies in it. Each class for a different level player like warrior is useful for beginners. Many skills are available to upgrade the players. The currencies have a more important role in the game. The adventure mode is the best and easiest mode in the game.

Tips for Beginners-

Join active Guild-

The active guild is important for spending money. It is created by spending 100,000 gold, or we can also say that via spending the amount you can join the active guild. The guilds are many types in it. If it is the level 1 guild, then you will receive limited benefits. It only proves beneficial at the time when many achieve members are available. Via the daily contribution level up quickly. If you have a lot of friends who want o join your guild, then existing guild is the best options. If you are on a low level, then enter the online guild for taking some benefits. So if you want many benefits from it then is the best way to earn resources with Darkness Rises Cheats.


It will be shown on the left side of a corner at the time of the battle. The skull is the rage skill of a player. From taping on it, your player finishes off an enemy in slow motions. Click on the option quickly other vises you will miss the chance. Your rank in battle increase as per your skull is automatically increased. The two types of rage skull are available in it. The orange skill is showing you the health of an Elite monster. The red skull shows boos health in it. That both are skills will be used up your range bar.

Select Adventure More-

In adventure mode many easy stages are available. In others words, the adventure mode is a very easiest mode in the whole game. Via playing in adventure mode, you can unlock the many features. A lot of farming features is available in it. Reap battle calls the first battle of this mode.






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